Oh My! Not Again!(Jennifer’s Story)
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The real thing...Jennifer.

I must say the most appalling ,shocking and embarrassing aspect of my awakening, sans red bikini, was the fact I awakened in my backyard. (I didn’t even know how I got there!) When I awoke, I was completely spread.

I looked back at my bare legs–leaning up, on my elbows and peered over my shoulder. The shock of where I was presenting [i.e. : “exhibiting”] myself, sent my reeling emotions crashing into a sort-of stunned disbelief. My two, full, (do I dare say, “shapely”) breasts, heaved upwards to the nipples; which, to judge by my 20/20 vision, had both gone rock-hard and pointing Northward. My fine and pointed nipples, were deep pink in the sunlight. (High-ho!)

There were no clothes in sight, as far as I could see. The odd and crazy thought that my husband had something to do with my being in the backyard–alone, in bed–could not be ruled out. [How could he ever conceive of such a thing like this? How could he ever accomplish it without waking me? How the HELL did he get the brass bed out into the backyard????]

It just couldn’t be done. But, it was. But HOW? He couldn’t. He wouldn’t.


I must say that the most appalling, shocking, and embarrassing aspect of awakening, sans the red bikini, was the fact that I came awake in our backyard. I couldn’t wrap my mind around the “how did I get here???” moment. When I awoke, I was completely spread egale’, as they say in the French Countryside, and the brass of the brass bed was shining in the all-too-hot sunlight.

I looked back at my bare legs–leaning up, on my elbows–and peered over my shoulder, and the shock at where I was, and particularly, where my disrobed condition was presenting itself, sent my reeling emotions crashing into a sort of stunned disbelief. My two (shall I say?) full and shapely breasts heaved upwards, to the nipples; which, to judge by my 20/20 vision, had both gone rock-hard, pointing northward. My fine, pointed, nipples, were deep pink in coloration. The backyard was a sun-lit stage, an ungovernable universe, with me as the opening act.

There were no clothes in sight, as far as I could see. No sandals, or mini-skirt nearby. No hiding, as long as I stayed where I was. It was just the backyard, the brass bed, the crab-grass, and little ‘ole bare-assed-naked me.  I scrunched down on the bed (in my shame!) and, wondered to myself, how it was I’d gotten from the bedroom to the open space of our backyard. The thought flashed through my buzzing brain (in the time it takes to realize the predicament of my sprawled nudity) that “my ass was cooked, but good.”


My eyes were closed, and my memory of disrobing flew out of consciousness and into the red light of each dark pupil. My nakedness was indoors. I was sleeping next to my husband. In the brass bed…the big, brass bed, as Dylan said….

….There wasn’t any thought to the idea of “public flashing,” even as the sun’s rays fell across my back and buttocks. The heat was internal. [I thought, this must be my body’s response to the quickening of my heartbeat; of the excitement of a family secret revealed…to Sam.]

At the moment, this was all I could begin to think about… What was taking place upon my bare skin.

In other words, my ass felt as if it were backed-up into a fireplace. My backside, my ass, was a heat-filled container, shimmering in the royal-red heat of the afternoon. High noon, and raised Moon! Ass high. Completely nude. I could feel the heat rising, up my spine, and along the back of my neck. I felt a slight pressure at my bare waist: The softness, the shininess, of a silk pair of bikini panties. Bikini-briefs…Jockies….[I thought, maybe Sam slipped a pair of his “jockies” onto my bare ass, as I slept…]…

…Could be??….


The bikini bottoms clung to my two buttocks; down there where his two hands were. Relax, Jenny…Relax…

I could picture myself, at the beach, wearing a red-colored, two-piece, bathing suit; the straps, at the back, undone. My breasts, pressed against a big, beach towel. The strap marks, across my back, are beginning their slow disappearance. The bikini straps are lying loose. I place my two arms, at my side, shielding my exposed breasts from public view. I’m on the beach now: lying, prone, on a big, beach towel; wearing a bright red bikini. My ass is tight & taut, and safely tucked into the bikini bottoms. The heat of a high-noon sun feels good on my back and shoulders. I could still feel the heat on the crack in my ass; however, I dismissed this notion after shimmying my butt a bit, feeling the soft material of the bikini there.

And then, with a suddenness that lifted my head off the towel, I AWOKE…In MY BED!!….Alone….Prone….with THE SUN IN MY EYES…In my backyard..Out there, right outside in my very own backyard. As I turned my backside, this way and that and my head came up, up, up, and I lifted myself onto my elbows and looked back, glanced back quick, I’m stark naked, with my ass in the air, on the brass bed , in the backyard. How did Sam get the bed out here, with me in it!???.

Exposed! Bare-naked…My ass: Red as a ripe tomato. Fire hot. I was as nude as I’d ever hoped to be outdoors; my rosy butt, lifted high in the air. Now, unable to move, unable to hide…I was, for all the world to see, butt-naked. All of our neighbors could take a nice long peek at me; a nice, long look at Jenny Palmer and her flaming red backside. Completely awake and as sun-burned as my mom was, in 1969. Right there, in my own backyard.


I fell. I fell. Fall. Falling….Deep, hands feel good..Ahh, that’s it, right there. Sam, massaging my buttocks. Under my eye-lids, a field of red…so hot, on my skin..so, so wet.

THREE: (continued):


Hot heat. The field of red, at the rim of my eyes, began to fade into a white light; along which, tiny specks of dark matter floated and fell, rose and descended, as I rose and fell in and out of consciousness. My body felt as light as the lightest feather, being carried by a late morning wind. Suspended, for a moment, then,  lifted, swift and sharp, and pulled upwards by an inner tingle caressing the small hairs between the twin-moons of my ass-cheeks. I could feel my legs unfurl and spread-outward, along the center of the mattress…As I fell, and fell and fell….

My exposed perineum became a focal-point–vulva to anus–as the small universe of the dream expanded outward; and, the nudity that was hovering just outside my conscious awareness, became fuzzy with the sensation of lingering heat. The warm heat traveled up, along my legs, on onward to the crevice behind each knee. Onward and upward. Onward, as if the rays of the sun were shifted upward by some unseen passage of time; reaching outward, towards that white light, behind my eyes. [My mind now gaining in this slow recognition]. And, the warm heat, falling there, at the apex of my exposed bottom. My pubes,  my vulva, was tingling in a sensual mix of sweat and sun.

Dotting the crack of my ass, I could feel the perspiration there; I could feel the heat at my anus, and reflexively tucked my left leg in, closing the open cleave of my butt, and forgetting–all-too-quickly–the fact of my nudity in the context of any “outdoor exposure.”


Continued…..Pass da Turkey!


Should I stay or should I go?????


”]Momma knew best! [Jennifer sketched, by Sam]Will continue here…soon!

Two…recap: just a few final paragraphs:

When I was 15, Daddy took her across his knee, and, as promised, gave her the spanking

she agreed to….

…Now, I was finding myself, with Sam cuddled up next to me, drifting off to sleep. Falling.




As a special edition…I’ve posted the PAULA PARKSTONE [Jennifer’s Mother] STORIES…

Part One can be found at the LINK in “PAGES”



"Ass up, again..Jenny"Momma, in the photographs, was on all-fours, with her bare backside facing the viewer. The crack in her ass, split, revealing her open, puckering, asshole; both, round buttocks, were covered in gleaming, brown colored, mud. You could tell she was immersed in the kiddie pool–a trap, well laid, by my Mrs. Murphy & my father–from her bare toes, right on up to her full, nipple-raised chest..her breasts, dripping, in swishy soil.

Mr. Carpenter on one side, took the photos, clicking away. Mrs. Murphy, set the pool up in the backyard while daddy & mom were out to a movie. Momma sat through that movie with a burning bottom.

(She got a good sunburn, the afternoon before, after falling asleep in a chaise lounge. My 15 year old imagination, after discovering this town scandal, added to the truth a bit; however, momma DID expose herself, after doing the gardening, without her panties..

..[Yes..she laid on the chaise and unhooked her mini-skirt, and let it fall, turning over onto her tummy and her sandals hit the pavement and she pulled off her sweated tee-shirt..lying, now, nude, with her bottom raised..getting kissed by the afternoon Sun.])

The past. Sam was now staring at 1969…When I was 15, momma fessed up, and ended up receiving another good spanking–only, this time, in 1984, she’d feel daddy’s palm instead of the sun. My Momma, in order to explain her “naughtiness” to me, made the mistake of turning it into an object lesson..show and tell…presenting herself, as she did to Daddy, on the night of the kiddie pool. She scurried upstairs, and quickly took off her clothes.

When she returned, my momma, Paula Parkstone, was wearing a towel. Daddy and I were seated on the couch, just as he was in 1969. [They’d returned from the movie, and Momma went upstairs to take a cool bath (that sore bottom!)..In the meantime, Daddy took all of her clothes out of the bedroom, and placed a chaise lounge upon their Queen-Size bed. When she’d entered the bedroom, dripping from the bath…all she had was that beach towel..]

And, so this was what happened before she fell in the kiddie pool! (She admitted to me, sitting on pillow afterward,–

[after, she’d dropped the towel, and showed daddy and me her bottom…just as she did in ’69..and, I reminded her of what she’d written in her own account I’d read..She promised daddy she’d never sunbathe in the nude again, or expose herself in front of anyone and if she did, daddy could turn her over his knee, and give “her fanny a good warming.” Yes, at 15, I was a devilish sort, and knew, as soon as Momma dropped that towel, and twitched her way into the living room, and turned around, bending over, it would be up to me to mention her “promise” to daddy…which, I did]–

admitted, uncomfortably..with a spanked bottom, “fanny warmed,” that she’d intentionally stripped as she cut the branches back on a tree, exposing her bare bottom to Mr. Carpenter’s college age son (he was peeked at, by Mom, the night before, exercising, in his room..nude!)..she was lonely, with Dad working late in the City..she wanted to give the boy a show herself..

And, so, at 15 I got a glimpse at my Momma just as she was: confronting daddy with the red bottom, the sunburn, wet from the tub…dropping the towel, and saying, as she turned around

and shook her ass, “Guess you know all now, huh???”


My Daddy, in 1969, pulled from beneath the couch one of the discarded sandals momma had left in the backyard..he got up, grabbed her by the ear, and walked her, slowly, to the front door. On the way, he gave my momma’s red wet ass a few good smacks, center-cleave, before opening the front door. The hall-light was lit, as the door opened. The outside porch light was out…Momma stood, stark naked, on the threshold daddy had carried her over only two weeks before. With one good smack, he sent her onto the porch and closed the door, locking it behind her..turning on the outside light.

When I was 15, Daddy took her across his knee, and, as promised, gave her the spanking

she agreed to….

…Now, I was finding myself, with Sam cuddled up next to me, drifting off to sleep. Falling.


(to be continued)

”]jenny gets a spanking [Oh, my!]

Just a bit of refresh:

Shaking the contents onto the quilted bedspread, the photos ~~all 4 of them!~~were revealed, once again; tracing back, in time, to a backyard in 1969; Long Island, New York; the muggy summer; and, the click-click of Mr. Carpenter’s Brownie Camera. Paula Parkstone, my mother, was exposed, once again..I’d forgotten, in five years, just how amazingly beautiful and naughty she was.

The photographs were taken in 1969. Tinged in yellow, they were unashamedly revealing and attention-getting for my dear Hubby. [The pictures you see in this Post are of me, and more recent~~yes, you’ll see I haven’t escaped unpunished for my tall tales!]

In any event, let me return to the bedroom. Snuggled up, against Sam, I looked from each photo to Sam’s reaction. He went from a short intake of breath, to a low whistle, shuffling through all four photos…then, gazing at each one, long and hard, shaking his head…

“Covered in mud, in a kiddie-pool!…amazing..so exposed!,” was all he could say.

We were a far cry from that Nude beach on our


Jennifer on The Beach;Cabo San Lucas (1989)

Jennifer on The Beach;Cabo San Lucas (1989)

Momma knew best! [Jennifer sketched, by Sam]

Momma knew best! Jennifer sketched, by Sam