Oh My! Not Again!(Jennifer’s Story)
NOTE: read “bottom-to-top” (wink*:o)

Continued~ “Two”

”]jenny gets a spanking [Oh, my!]

Just a bit of refresh:

Shaking the contents onto the quilted bedspread, the photos ~~all 4 of them!~~were revealed, once again; tracing back, in time, to a backyard in 1969; Long Island, New York; the muggy summer; and, the click-click of Mr. Carpenter’s Brownie Camera. Paula Parkstone, my mother, was exposed, once again..I’d forgotten, in five years, just how amazingly beautiful and naughty she was.

The photographs were taken in 1969. Tinged in yellow, they were unashamedly revealing and attention-getting for my dear Hubby. [The pictures you see in this Post are of me, and more recent~~yes, you’ll see I haven’t escaped unpunished for my tall tales!]

In any event, let me return to the bedroom. Snuggled up, against Sam, I looked from each photo to Sam’s reaction. He went from a short intake of breath, to a low whistle, shuffling through all four photos…then, gazing at each one, long and hard, shaking his head…

“Covered in mud, in a kiddie-pool!…amazing..so exposed!,” was all he could say.

We were a far cry from that Nude beach on our


Jennifer on The Beach;Cabo San Lucas (1989)

Jennifer on The Beach;Cabo San Lucas (1989)

Momma knew best! [Jennifer sketched, by Sam]

Momma knew best! Jennifer sketched, by Sam


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  1. Nice pose! nice pix! nice body! natural looks and natural parts…

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