Oh My! Not Again!(Jennifer’s Story)
NOTE: read “bottom-to-top” (wink*:o)

Two~Again! (Continued) :

"Ass up, again..Jenny"Momma, in the photographs, was on all-fours, with her bare backside facing the viewer. The crack in her ass, split, revealing her open, puckering, asshole; both, round buttocks, were covered in gleaming, brown colored, mud. You could tell she was immersed in the kiddie pool–a trap, well laid, by my Mrs. Murphy & my father–from her bare toes, right on up to her full, nipple-raised chest..her breasts, dripping, in swishy soil.

Mr. Carpenter on one side, took the photos, clicking away. Mrs. Murphy, set the pool up in the backyard while daddy & mom were out to a movie. Momma sat through that movie with a burning bottom.

(She got a good sunburn, the afternoon before, after falling asleep in a chaise lounge. My 15 year old imagination, after discovering this town scandal, added to the truth a bit; however, momma DID expose herself, after doing the gardening, without her panties..

..[Yes..she laid on the chaise and unhooked her mini-skirt, and let it fall, turning over onto her tummy and her sandals hit the pavement and she pulled off her sweated tee-shirt..lying, now, nude, with her bottom raised..getting kissed by the afternoon Sun.])

The past. Sam was now staring at 1969…When I was 15, momma fessed up, and ended up receiving another good spanking–only, this time, in 1984, she’d feel daddy’s palm instead of the sun. My Momma, in order to explain her “naughtiness” to me, made the mistake of turning it into an object lesson..show and tell…presenting herself, as she did to Daddy, on the night of the kiddie pool. She scurried upstairs, and quickly took off her clothes.

When she returned, my momma, Paula Parkstone, was wearing a towel. Daddy and I were seated on the couch, just as he was in 1969. [They’d returned from the movie, and Momma went upstairs to take a cool bath (that sore bottom!)..In the meantime, Daddy took all of her clothes out of the bedroom, and placed a chaise lounge upon their Queen-Size bed. When she’d entered the bedroom, dripping from the bath…all she had was that beach towel..]

And, so this was what happened before she fell in the kiddie pool! (She admitted to me, sitting on pillow afterward,–

[after, she’d dropped the towel, and showed daddy and me her bottom…just as she did in ’69..and, I reminded her of what she’d written in her own account I’d read..She promised daddy she’d never sunbathe in the nude again, or expose herself in front of anyone and if she did, daddy could turn her over his knee, and give “her fanny a good warming.” Yes, at 15, I was a devilish sort, and knew, as soon as Momma dropped that towel, and twitched her way into the living room, and turned around, bending over, it would be up to me to mention her “promise” to daddy…which, I did]–

admitted, uncomfortably..with a spanked bottom, “fanny warmed,” that she’d intentionally stripped as she cut the branches back on a tree, exposing her bare bottom to Mr. Carpenter’s college age son (he was peeked at, by Mom, the night before, exercising, in his room..nude!)..she was lonely, with Dad working late in the City..she wanted to give the boy a show herself..

And, so, at 15 I got a glimpse at my Momma just as she was: confronting daddy with the red bottom, the sunburn, wet from the tub…dropping the towel, and saying, as she turned around

and shook her ass, “Guess you know all now, huh???”


My Daddy, in 1969, pulled from beneath the couch one of the discarded sandals momma had left in the backyard..he got up, grabbed her by the ear, and walked her, slowly, to the front door. On the way, he gave my momma’s red wet ass a few good smacks, center-cleave, before opening the front door. The hall-light was lit, as the door opened. The outside porch light was out…Momma stood, stark naked, on the threshold daddy had carried her over only two weeks before. With one good smack, he sent her onto the porch and closed the door, locking it behind her..turning on the outside light.

When I was 15, Daddy took her across his knee, and, as promised, gave her the spanking

she agreed to….

…Now, I was finding myself, with Sam cuddled up next to me, drifting off to sleep. Falling.


(to be continued)


2 Responses to “Two~Again! (Continued) :”

  1. Wow! Thanks for linking to my blog, Jennifer. I only skimmed the posts, but I’ll return when I have time to read all of it. This is fascinating.

    -Dev O’Neill

  2. Good to see you here, Dev.
    (I’m writing these stories in the “voice”/point of view”
    of a female, btw:)

    I’ve always admired your stories..(Have been a lurker)

    Thanks for dropping in..This is going to be a long, long, Novella..
    I’ve been taking my time.


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