Oh My! Not Again!(Jennifer’s Story)
NOTE: read “bottom-to-top” (wink*:o)


I fell. I fell. Fall. Falling….Deep, hands feel good..Ahh, that’s it, right there. Sam, massaging my buttocks. Under my eye-lids, a field of red…so hot, on my skin..so, so wet.

THREE: (continued):


Hot heat. The field of red, at the rim of my eyes, began to fade into a white light; along which, tiny specks of dark matter floated and fell, rose and descended, as I rose and fell in and out of consciousness. My body felt as light as the lightest feather, being carried by a late morning wind. Suspended, for a moment, then,  lifted, swift and sharp, and pulled upwards by an inner tingle caressing the small hairs between the twin-moons of my ass-cheeks. I could feel my legs unfurl and spread-outward, along the center of the mattress…As I fell, and fell and fell….

My exposed perineum became a focal-point–vulva to anus–as the small universe of the dream expanded outward; and, the nudity that was hovering just outside my conscious awareness, became fuzzy with the sensation of lingering heat. The warm heat traveled up, along my legs, on onward to the crevice behind each knee. Onward and upward. Onward, as if the rays of the sun were shifted upward by some unseen passage of time; reaching outward, towards that white light, behind my eyes. [My mind now gaining in this slow recognition]. And, the warm heat, falling there, at the apex of my exposed bottom. My pubes,  my vulva, was tingling in a sensual mix of sweat and sun.

Dotting the crack of my ass, I could feel the perspiration there; I could feel the heat at my anus, and reflexively tucked my left leg in, closing the open cleave of my butt, and forgetting–all-too-quickly–the fact of my nudity in the context of any “outdoor exposure.”


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