Oh My! Not Again!(Jennifer’s Story)
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TWO (further on, Jenny):

December 16, 2008

Will continue here…soon! Two…recap: just a few final paragraphs: When I was 15, Daddy took her across his knee, and, as promised, gave her the spanking she agreed to…. …Now, I was finding myself, with Sam cuddled up next to me, drifting off to sleep. Falling. Falling…asleep.. ** Advertisements

Two~Again! (Continued) :

November 1, 2008

Momma, in the photographs, was on all-fours, with her bare backside facing the viewer. The crack in her ass, split, revealing her open, puckering, asshole; both, round buttocks, were covered in gleaming, brown colored, mud. You could tell she was immersed in the kiddie pool–a trap, well laid, by my Mrs. Murphy & my father–from […]

Continued~ “Two”

October 25, 2008

Just a bit of refresh: Shaking the contents onto the quilted bedspread, the photos ~~all 4 of them!~~were revealed, once again; tracing back, in time, to a backyard in 1969; Long Island, New York; the muggy summer; and, the click-click of Mr. Carpenter’s Brownie Camera. Paula Parkstone, my mother, was exposed, once again..I’d forgotten, in […]


July 27, 2008

“So,..Is it all true? I mean, did all this stuff really happen? Tell me,” Sam said, “it’s some adolescent fantasy, in words, and pictures. I don’t believe it. I know!: It’s Teenage Rebellion; it’s a total exhibition, and expression, of individuality, right?~~’Momma gets naked, caught, and spanked into orgasm, and YOU ARE THERE! Read all […]