Oh My! Not Again!(Jennifer’s Story)
NOTE: read “bottom-to-top” (wink*:o)


The real thing...Jennifer.

I must say the most appalling ,shocking and embarrassing aspect of my awakening, sans red bikini, was the fact I awakened in my backyard. (I didn’t even know how I got there!) When I awoke, I was completely spread.

I looked back at my bare legs–leaning up, on my elbows and peered over my shoulder. The shock of where I was presenting [i.e. : “exhibiting”] myself, sent my reeling emotions crashing into a sort-of stunned disbelief. My two, full, (do I dare say, “shapely”) breasts, heaved upwards to the nipples; which, to judge by my 20/20 vision, had both gone rock-hard and pointing Northward. My fine and pointed nipples, were deep pink in the sunlight. (High-ho!)

There were no clothes in sight, as far as I could see. The odd and crazy thought that my husband had something to do with my being in the backyard–alone, in bed–could not be ruled out. [How could he ever conceive of such a thing like this? How could he ever accomplish it without waking me? How the HELL did he get the brass bed out into the backyard????]

It just couldn’t be done. But, it was. But HOW? He couldn’t. He wouldn’t.


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