Oh My! Not Again!(Jennifer’s Story)
NOTE: read “bottom-to-top” (wink*:o)


My eyes were closed, and my memory of disrobing flew out of consciousness and into the red light of each dark pupil. My nakedness was indoors. I was sleeping next to my husband. In the brass bed…the big, brass bed, as Dylan said….

….There wasn’t any thought to the idea of “public flashing,” even as the sun’s rays fell across my back and buttocks. The heat was internal. [I thought, this must be my body’s response to the quickening of my heartbeat; of the excitement of a family secret revealed…to Sam.]

At the moment, this was all I could begin to think about… What was taking place upon my bare skin.

In other words, my ass felt as if it were backed-up into a fireplace. My backside, my ass, was a heat-filled container, shimmering in the royal-red heat of the afternoon. High noon, and raised Moon! Ass high. Completely nude. I could feel the heat rising, up my spine, and along the back of my neck. I felt a slight pressure at my bare waist: The softness, the shininess, of a silk pair of bikini panties. Bikini-briefs…Jockies….[I thought, maybe Sam slipped a pair of his “jockies” onto my bare ass, as I slept…]…

…Could be??….


The bikini bottoms clung to my two buttocks; down there where his two hands were. Relax, Jenny…Relax…

I could picture myself, at the beach, wearing a red-colored, two-piece, bathing suit; the straps, at the back, undone. My breasts, pressed against a big, beach towel. The strap marks, across my back, are beginning their slow disappearance. The bikini straps are lying loose. I place my two arms, at my side, shielding my exposed breasts from public view. I’m on the beach now: lying, prone, on a big, beach towel; wearing a bright red bikini. My ass is tight & taut, and safely tucked into the bikini bottoms. The heat of a high-noon sun feels good on my back and shoulders. I could still feel the heat on the crack in my ass; however, I dismissed this notion after shimmying my butt a bit, feeling the soft material of the bikini there.

And then, with a suddenness that lifted my head off the towel, I AWOKE…In MY BED!!….Alone….Prone….with THE SUN IN MY EYES…In my backyard..Out there, right outside in my very own backyard. As I turned my backside, this way and that and my head came up, up, up, and I lifted myself onto my elbows and looked back, glanced back quick, I’m stark naked, with my ass in the air, on the brass bed , in the backyard. How did Sam get the bed out here, with me in it!???.

Exposed! Bare-naked…My ass: Red as a ripe tomato. Fire hot. I was as nude as I’d ever hoped to be outdoors; my rosy butt, lifted high in the air. Now, unable to move, unable to hide…I was, for all the world to see, butt-naked. All of our neighbors could take a nice long peek at me; a nice, long look at Jenny Palmer and her flaming red backside. Completely awake and as sun-burned as my mom was, in 1969. Right there, in my own backyard.


2 Responses to “FOUR”

  1. Yeep! I’m back!


  2. hello its bare hot

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